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Rekey Locks

The more secure the lock is, the more difficult it becomes to unlock it when you lose keys. Gone are the days when only option was to break the lock. With Locksmith America your losing the keys is no more a big trouble and can be easily rectified by our rekey options. We can prepare a perfect key for your lock in the matter of minutes right on the spot rather than breaking it. With laser key carving, your lock will be undamaged and you would not need to know replace it any time soon. These spare keys can be useful for you in future.

Locks installation

If you are looking for locks installation, Locksmith America is your destination. With a range of modern high security system, we can provide you with fool proof security. Lock installation is done by trained technicians who make sure that these locks are drilling free and avert any trial to access it. Lock installations are provided with minimum prices and the best quality hardware is used to replace your old locks or install new ones. To avail the service, you can give us a call and our team will be at your threshold. These lock installation are the best for your commercial or residential purposes.

Car unlock

Locked out car is the most unwanted situation and gives you a lot of trouble with ruining your schedule of the day. How about if the problem is solved in 15 minutes? Yes, we at Locksmith America make this claim to unlock your car in minutes and that even right on the spot where it broke. Our car unlock options include digital keypad, re keying the lock and trunk lock opening. The keyless digital solution is most modern and does not harm your vehicle. The re key is another service in which a duplicate key is fabricated. All of this will be served to you with our mobile teams who are on the go 24/7.

House locked out

Nightmare of being locked in the house is enough terrifying and going through this situation can be psychologically as well as physically stressful. The situation is worsened if a child is locked inside as you cannot go anywhere leaving him out of sight. In such scenario, sane thing to do is call a locksmith to come to your house and unlock the door. Locksmith America is pioneer company in providing mobile service to deal with such adverse situations. Your house will be unlocked with a duplicate key without causing any damage to the lock. Our quick service will curtail any potential harm by reaching in time.

Master rekey

Locksmith America offers you its outstanding services in Master Re-key. This valuable service can put a stop to your worries of losing keys or forgetting them inside room. Master re key can be used to unlock the troubling cylinders of your lock and will keep you from facing any problematic scenario. The master rekey is the area of expertise of Locksmith America and is available on economical rates. The locks remain completely safe and can be further used without any change. The loss of being locked out or seeing your loved one locked out can be lessened and completely averted with this wonderful service.

Car keys

If you drive a car then the most important thing is to keep the car keys safe all the time. These keys are easily lost and you may even forget them inside the ignition. So in such situations, what you really need is a duplicate key and that too to be instantly available. We at Locksmith America give you most affordable car key replacements. Spare keys, master keys, duplicate keys are carved and fabricated in your supervision and are inserted in ignition without any force or damage. This makes sure a smooth running of your vehicle, ignition and car keys. The competitive prices and quality of keys makes us leading company.

Push bar panic bar

One should always be prepared for emergencies. The most important thing in an emergency exit plan is easily open able doors. The push and panic bars are the most significant tools in smooth evacuation. The panic bars are unlatched by simple downward pressing of bar and gives way to people to go out. These bars are also very useful for the rooms where children seek entry as they can operate it by themselves with a very little effort. Locksmith America offers you with a range of panic bars with high quality hardware and ideal installation. We make sure that you have the best solution in the most reasonable prices.

Hi security keys

Hi security keys are the most modern key technology. The keys are computer programmed and cannot be imitated through standard machines. These keys are carved and grooved by a specific code and transponder chip is installed in there to locate the key and its owner. This amazing service comes to your doorstep with Locksmith America in the most competitive prices in the market. Hi security keys can guarantee 100% security against any forced entry and the cylinder of lock is drilling or pin unlocking free. Hi security keys and locks can be the best option for main doors and safes and cabinets where you would like to keep your most secretive papers.

Lock repair

Does your lock need repair? With years of working, the locks can be damaged or be faulty. Locksmiths are repairing the damaged locks for centuries and this art has taken new forms with the technological development. At Locksmith America we present you with finest solution to mend the damage. Flawed locks are repaired and the keys are replaced by the skilled locksmiths who ensure that your lock will work fine and can be easily unlocked by perfect fit keys. If your lock needs an urgent repair, please call our mobile services to respond to you in a very short time. You can also have a follow up repair, if you come across any problem in future.

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residential    commercial    Automotive    emergency


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